Chatbot and virtual assistance

ChatBots and virtual assistance


Think about them as a tool on the other side of a computer that can respond to your customers’ questions or comments. Chatbots are used for engagement, customer service issues, general questions and even closing business.

How can you make benefit from:

  • Availability 24×7, They never get tired and continue to obey your command.
  • Helps you to save money, helps businesses reduce down on staff required and utilize people for other tasks
  • Automation of repetitive work, Automate customer activities which are to be done frequently and at the right time.

Bank Bot

Main use to demonstrate some of chatbot use cases  at banking sector that includes Money Exchange, Form building using Open Account, Balance Enquiry Please use currency codes e.g. USD, SAR, EUR, etc.

For visa number please use: 45717360

Helpdesk virtual care agents

Reduce your helpdesk resources and cost by using virtual assistance, this demonstration shows different repeated chatbot uses cases where virtual agent can bring significant value.

Language: English

Use case: Server, Network and account issues using chatting wide vocabulary

Data Stored in demo DB

Employee Number:7777

Request Numbers: 111,222,333

Reduce our operation Cost using chatbot and virtual care agents

Multi language Support

Allows business user of self configure dialog tree

Easy Integration with Back End systems like CRM and ERP

Multi Service and service nodes including, text, multimedia and knowledge base

Personalise agent appearance

Realtime view for live Sessions

Keep track for communication history

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